I enjoy pretty much everything there is that has to do with the outdoors. Some of my most peaceful moments have been while walking through the forest, sitting on a beach, or boating (minus the loud engine). Accordingly I have a great respect for nature and enjoy learning about the plants and wildlife therein. My plan is to continue that learning process and hopefully enhance it by sharing what I learn. I intend for this blog to serve many purposes, but in the immediate future it will be a place for me, and hopefully others, to share ideas about reducing our individual impact on this planet, protecting wild spaces, and in general just to comment on the things we enjoy most in the great outdoors. I welcome all opinions as otherwise you cannot consider every aspect of a subject. However, I would ask that every opinion be expressed in a respectful way and considered with an open mind. Often there is no single right answer. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My first entries to a photo contest...

I have had my camera, a Canon EOS Rebel T3, for over a year now and have been taking pictures galore.  I have hundreds of photos on my computer and have only managed to post a select few on my blog.  Many of the pictures I post are not even from my Canon.  I still take many pictures with my Blackberry as it fits in my pocket or bag so much easier and I always have it with me.  The Canon is a little more difficult to wield while I am trying to hold my dog.

After some encouragement from my husband I spent some time today searching for photo contests.  I have officially entered my first one.  You can check them out at the following link: National Wildlife Federation - Andrea's pictures  There are several landscapes and bird pictures.  Definitely two of my favourites subjects, native plants being a third.  The deadline for entries is July 15 and I have room for several more.  Now if I can only remember out how to crop and zoom in on some of the pictures I have.  I am sure I learned it a couple of weeks ago in a late night computer session with GIMP but obviously it did not stick.

Here are several of my other favourites that I have not posted yet.

Peacock at Beacon Hill Park. Mother's Day 2013

Peacock at Beacon Hill Park. Mother's Day 2013.

Lake Cowichan, BC.  February 16, 2013