I enjoy pretty much everything there is that has to do with the outdoors. Some of my most peaceful moments have been while walking through the forest, sitting on a beach, or boating (minus the loud engine). Accordingly I have a great respect for nature and enjoy learning about the plants and wildlife therein. My plan is to continue that learning process and hopefully enhance it by sharing what I learn. I intend for this blog to serve many purposes, but in the immediate future it will be a place for me, and hopefully others, to share ideas about reducing our individual impact on this planet, protecting wild spaces, and in general just to comment on the things we enjoy most in the great outdoors. I welcome all opinions as otherwise you cannot consider every aspect of a subject. However, I would ask that every opinion be expressed in a respectful way and considered with an open mind. Often there is no single right answer. Thanks.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beginnings of Change

It is easy to get discouraged, and rather depressed, when faced with article after article of negative reports on any subject that matters to you.  A friend recently forwarded me a link to an article about factory farming that gives some hope that our choices do, and will, make a difference.  I thought I would share it here since I have written several posts about Factory Farming and they seem to be among the most popular of my posts.

The article is: Factory Farming's Days May be Numbered

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