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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Check out the Story of Stuff

A friend of mine recommended the Story of Stuff to me some time ago.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your viewpoint, I do not spend much time sitting down watching TV or movies/documentaries on my computer.  She recently reminded me that it was only 20 minutes long so I sat down with my kids the other night and watched it.  It was great.

In my post Not Loving Cell Phone Companies I complain about how people change their cell phones like underwear.  Sometimes I know that something is not right but I cannot articulate what it is that bothers me about it.  The Story of Stuff articulates what I dislike about our materialistic society and explains in detail the process that is so wrong.

My husband recently said to me that he is getting a new cell phone at work - the contract is up and so they are upgrading.  A perfect example of both planned and perceived obsolescence.  Planned because my husband says the apps do not work well on the old phone, perceived because I am sure that he could do without some of those apps.  Both of my kids said, "Dad needs to watch The Story of Stuff".  This made me laugh because I was not sure how much they understood.  We did talk about it, and I paused it a couple times to explain words they were not familiar with, but I think the message was pretty clear to them anyway.

There are also other movies on their website.  I watched their new one, The Story of Change, which is quite short and seems more like a way to build up their contacts.  I also watched The Story of Cap & Trade.  I found this one quite interesting as I hear about Cap and Trade quite often in the media and have not read much about how it works.  This movie provides a viewpoint that I have not heard before.

As I have mentioned before I do not like to tell people what to think, or believe.  I do like to provide links to information that I find interesting, or that gives information you may not find in your standard news media.  If you get a chance I think the The Story of Stuff is a good, short movie to check out.  Enjoy!

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  1. just typed a massively awesome rebuttal (I'm the husband) and Google screwed me and lost my comment.

    In summary, it is the operating system that is slow after 3 years of updates not the apps per se. I think 3 years is a long time to keep a good phone (and not run over it...twice...with my truck.

    I'm not looking for a medal, just a hero cookie for beating the obsolescence system for 3 years. :-)