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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Waves on Dallas Road

Looking out at the ocean near Ogden Point

Parts of British Columbia had quite the windstorm today.  This afternoon we headed down to Dallas Road in Victoria, which is one of our favourite places to go and check out the waves when the wind picks up.  The kids were a bit reluctant, but that quickly changed once we parked the car and got out.  In a previous post about the Ogden Point Breakwater I have some pictures taken on a much nicer day.  In this one below you can see the breakwater in the distance although parts of it are obscured by the waves crashing up against the side. 

There are actually people walking out there but, although my kids were up for an adventure, we did not partake.  I would not have enjoyed one minute while my mother-brain conjured up images of my children being either blown off the breakwater by the wind, or knocked off by a wave.  Instead we waited near the railing on Dallas Road for large waves to hit the wall with enough force to spray straight up.  There were some impressive bursts of water.  By the time we left my kids' coats were soaked on the front. 

Obviously I enjoyed the show put on by Mother Nature today, but other than the waves I think the next best part was seeing all of the people down there.  There were plenty of cameras and smiles today as we all lined the railing exclaiming, "Whoa!", and laughing as the spray shot up landing on the sidewalk and any uprepared spectator.  There were lots of delighted shrieks from my kids who decided to taunt the ocean if it took too long for the next impressive spray.  Who knew that a windstorm would provide some of the best, free entertainment.  I have a feeling they will not be so reluctant to head down next time.

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