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Friday, September 23, 2011

RONA - Eco Paint

We have been doing some painting lately and, while I cannot say that I am enjoying myself, I am happy to report that I have found another product that attempts to be kinder to this world we live in.  My husband and I went to RONA looking for paint samples; nothing too adventurous, just some neutral colours.  We took them home, chose our two favourites and I headed back to pick up the paint.

When I got to RONA I passed by the "ECO" paint cans and decided to check them out.  I cannot write about being more environmentally friendly and then walk right by an opportunity like that.  At the time the first thing I noticed was that 3.78L cans of ECO paint are just over $16.00 as opposed to $30.00 to $40.00, or more, for the other brands.  Finally, an environmentally responsible product that does not cost more than its regular counterpart!  As for product quality I am not a paint expert, but I had no trouble with ECO paint; it goes on smoothly, and cleans up like any other latex paint.  The one thing that you may not like about ECO paint is that it comes in 16 pre-mixed colours.  While that may seem limiting I am looking at the brochure right now and I think they cover a broad range, from "berry", a dark reddish colour, to "moonlight", a basic white.  I was able to take the two colour samples my husband and I chose and find two ECO paint colours that were the same, or very similar.  All the colours have names you would associate with nature such as cloud, moss, blue planet, and sand.  Rather fitting don't you think?  Now for the environmental details. 

According to their brochure and press release regarding the ECO paint launch this product boasts the following benefits:
  • made from 90% recycled paint
  • latex based
  • 4x less greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacturing process
  • low in VOCs
  • label made from 50% recycled material
  • plastic container made from 100% recycled material
  • certified by the EcoLogo program
While I was perusing their website for information about ECO paint I also learned a few other things about RONA as a whole that I would like to share.  There is a reference on their website to a related site http://www.ronaeco.ca/, which outlines their corporate approach to the environment.  They talk about a "Life Cycle Approach" and five major environmental issues that guide their actions: climate change, availability and quality of water, human health, quality of ecosystems, and depletion of resources.  There is a project guide on this website designed for the homeowner who wants to renovate their home in an environmentally responsible way, a section detailing the items they take for recycling including CFLs, power tool blades, and batteries along with other ways that RONA tries to reduce their impact on the environment. 

It is so easy to get discouraged when you listen to, or read about, all of the horrible things happening to the environment every day.  I love it when I come across another company that takes the time to bump up the environment in their priority list.  Here are a few last points to consider next time you go shopping for your home reno supplies:

Since 2008, when RONA launched their ECO label, they have expanded their line to offer over 450 products.  When you see the ECO logo on products at RONA you know that you are buying products that have a lower environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle.  As of this year, in addition to offering environmentally responsible products, they have also expanded their paint recovery program into Western Canada.  Starting in July 2011 you can take your old, or unused paint (of any brand) to a RONA store for recycling at no charge.

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