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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pacific Mobile Depots - Another of My Favourites!

If you are familiar with Pacific Mobile Depots you will know that they accept a large variety of recyclable items that are not picked up curbside.  In a previous post I mentioned that our family sets aside soft plastic, foil, and styrofoam in large bags in our garage for recycling at their roving depots.  On the second and fourth Saturdays of each month there are several depot locations around Victoria to choose from.  Unfortunately we were slack in getting to the depots and by the end of June the full bags were taking up a ridiculous amount of real estate in the garage. 

When you throw away your foil, soft plastic, and styrofoam every day I do not think you can fully appreciate how much these items can accumulate over time.  Since we had ours stocked up for so long I figured I would share a visual with you.  The picture below shows my truck full of about 7 months worth of soft plastic, foil, and styrofoam.  My truck has a trunk so you will notice that not only is the bed of the truck full, but also the trunk is stuffed.

 Most of what you see above is soft plastic.  I think I only had one large bag of foil and a couple of bags of meat trays and other styrofoam.  The cardboard box is full of styrofoam peanuts.  My mom and I trucked it over to the depot at Reynolds Secondary and I paid $35.00 to leave it there.  Some people will argue that we should not have to pay to recycle.  I would not disagree.  However, I am not going to wait for a bunch of bureaucrats to sort it all out while I send truckloads of recyclable material to the landfill.  Perhaps they will figure it out - eventually.  In the meantime, if the facilities exist, recycle your waste and if you feel that strongly about not paying to recycle then send a letter to your government representative and express your opinion.

For a complete list of acceptable materials, how they need to be sorted, their rates, etc please check out the Pacific Mobile Depots website.  For those that are curious I will pass along some information about where the materials go after the depot in an upcoming post.


  1. any idea what they do with all the materials?

    1. When I dropped off my stuff last year I asked about that and I got a piece of the puzzle. I am hoping to get more info from PMD the next time I go and finally get around to that post I promised. What I do know is that as of last July the foil was being burned for energy recovery but they were looking at other options, some of the hard plastic was going to Syntal, the soft plastic was going to a facility for further sorting as it needs to be sorted by colour. That info doesn't answer all of my questions and is somewhat out of date so hopefully I'll have more answers in the next couple of months. Thanks...Andrea