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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Order Kit - check!

Well I got my kit from Lunapads today.  First thing I noticed was that rather than use a plastic tape to seal the envelope they used something closer to paper.  I thought it was a nice touch.

What you see in the picture above are the contents of the package minus the plastic around the DivaCup (Made in Canada by the way) and a couple of informational pamphlets.  The lunapads have a simple one snap closure on the wings of the pad which, I think anyone who has inadvertently gotten a hair stuck in pad adhesive, will be able to appreciate.  Also, the pink fabric of the lunapads is extremely soft.  My fabric choice was "Cocoa Kaleidoscope" so obviously I would not wear these under white pants, however, there are cream coloured options as well.  I suppose once you get used to the DivaCup you would not worry so much about having the backup?  It might take me awhile to get there.

One of my friends commented that they would be worried about not being able to get the DivaCup out.  If you look carefully at the picture you can see that it actually has a little nubbin, if you will, at the bottom.  There are also barely noticeable ridges around the bottom, which I figure would be helpful for keeping your grip.  I only know one woman who has recently switched to the DivaCup and from my conversation with her I gather that there can be quite a learning curve for this product.  Anyone else??? Stay tuned...

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