I enjoy pretty much everything there is that has to do with the outdoors. Some of my most peaceful moments have been while walking through the forest, sitting on a beach, or boating (minus the loud engine). Accordingly I have a great respect for nature and enjoy learning about the plants and wildlife therein. My plan is to continue that learning process and hopefully enhance it by sharing what I learn. I intend for this blog to serve many purposes, but in the immediate future it will be a place for me, and hopefully others, to share ideas about reducing our individual impact on this planet, protecting wild spaces, and in general just to comment on the things we enjoy most in the great outdoors. I welcome all opinions as otherwise you cannot consider every aspect of a subject. However, I would ask that every opinion be expressed in a respectful way and considered with an open mind. Often there is no single right answer. Thanks.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Odds & Sods

I was belatedly reading through an insert (Community Green Scene) from the Saanich News, which contained a bunch of interesting articles and a schedule for some upcoming green events.  I figured I would post a couple of the events that caught my eye in addition to a couple of other short updates.

The deadline for donating funds to the Save Mary Lake campaign has been extended.  I cannot tell from the website for how long, but donations are apparently trickling in at this stage.  There is a tweet on the site asking if people can tell four friends.  If you would like to donate, but still have not, or if you know of anyone who might like to donate please act soon.  The organizers have made it very easy for you: donate by text, cheque, or credit card online.
Red Currant


Broad Leaf Shooting Star
One of my favourite events is coming up on the April 16/17 weekend.  That is the Swan Lake Native Plant Sale.  I have been to the last two or three plant sales and I cannot wait to go again.  I just have to make sure I figure out what I am looking for before I get there as I find it way too easy to overspend.  It is kind of like going to the grocery store hungry, and without a list.  The variety of native plants available is great and the organizers make it easy for you with a simple guide that details light and soil requirements and labels at the plant sale that indicate whether the plants attract butterflies, hummingbirds, etc.  Prior to the plant sale I am hoping to get myself signed up for one of the free Native Plant workshops so I can focus some of my grand ideas into more manageable chunks. 

For information on the Native Plant Sale, or the Native Plant Workshops check out the Native Plant Gardening section of the Swan Lake website.  The above pictures are also from the website, taken by Terry Morrison, and there are many, many more for anyone who wants to see some examples of native plants.

There is an event taking place at the Victoria Conference Centre on February 19 called "Seedy Saturday".  I remember hearing about this from a friend last year who quite enjoyed it.  It runs from 10:00 to 3:00 and features many speakers on a variety of topics.  A couple of examples are 'Starting from Seed: the basics' with Philip Young, 'Backyard Bounty: grow the most food in the smallest space' with Linda Gilkeson, and 'The Zero Mile Diet' with Carolyn Herriot.  Admission is $7.00 and each presentation takes an hour.  For further event details you can check out the James Bay Community Market website.  I wish I could go, but I'll be away :(

There is a section on the CRD website right now that contains documents with regard to the Regional Sustainability Strategy (RSS).  There are nine topics, which include: Climate Change, Transportation, Resource Management, Social Wellbeing, Sustainable Development, Food Security, Affordable Housing, Economic Sustainability, and Ecological Health.  I am sure it will not come as a suprise to know that I took a look at Ecological Health first :)  It is a little late in the game considering the cut-off for the first round of responses is February 11, but they are accepting responses and input after that date.  The responses received before February 11 will be used in preparing for a Forum of Councils.  You would have to be very disciplined and have a fair bit of free time to review all of the nine documents, but I would encourage anyone who lives in the CRD to start with one that interests you and go from there.

 I would be interested in hearing feedback from anyone who attends the Seedy Saturday event, or any other 'green events' around the city.  I am hoping to attend more of these throughout the year.

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  1. thankyou for passing on the word about www.SaveMaryLake.com. The deadline has been extended until the end of february at this time. thanks so much for your support!