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Thursday, February 17, 2011

For the ladies: The Verdict

For those that have been reading you will remember that I had a previous post about the ob tampon shortage and finding the Lunapads website.  There I found out a lot more information about the DivaCup and also the reusable menstrual pads offered by lunapads.  I decided to order a DivaCup kit and give them both a try. (Order Kit - Check!)  I would rate my overall experience with the DivaCup and LunaPads as a 9/10. 

The directions included with the DivaCup are pretty straightforward.  They recommend two different ways to fold the DivaCup and the first one I tried I did not like, plus I think my technique could have been better.  However, the problem was a minor comfort issue and it sorted itself out pretty quick.  I used a different fold the next time around and I found it did not take long to become comfortable putting it in.  I had a very small amount of spotting, but I have a feeling it was not leaking - perhaps just a small amount that caught under the DivaCup when putting it in or taking it out.  The comfort level was excellent and you would not even know it was there.

The next challenge was taking it out.  There was a moment of "Um, where is it?" and my friend's concern over somehow losing it, or not being able to get it out, crossed my mind.  There is actually a statement in the instructions that says "Don't Panic" so I didn't and found it easily enough.  As they say in the instructions you do have to "bear down" to help get it out so that was a bit different.  Removing it certainly requires a little more intimacy with my body than I have been used to, but it is my body after all and there does not seem to be any sense in getting squeamish.  I found it slightly uncomfortable as the wider part came out, not from a gross factor, but from a physical perspective.  Given that I have had two children, however, this is rather minor in comparison.  I did not find it any more 'messy' than using ob tampons.

I was able to do all the changes at home so I was a little unsure as to how it would work if it was necessary to use a public washroom.  A friend of mine, who I just found out has been using the DivaCup for the last couple of years, says that she hung on to her older one as a backup in those cases.  She can put the used one into a little bag, or container, and put the new one in while in the bathroom stall.  Then she just cleans it at the first opportunity. 

The lunapads were also very comfortable.  I did not have any trouble with bunching, or movement.  On one of my last days of very light flow I wore it to my tap class and had no issues whatsoever.  I did find that when I washed them the fabric came out of the dryer bunched, but I was able to smooth them back out for the most part, and they were still comfortable.

I have put two pictures below.  The left one shows how many pads, etc I would typically use during one cycle.  This is actually on the low side I think, but I was running out of all my supplies so I made do with what I had.  The second one shows what I used this time around.  Next time I would not use anything except the DivaCup and lunapads.  From my point of view the pros of these products far outweigh any cons.  The only downsides I can think of are minor inconveniences that are easily surmountable.  If you do not already use these products I hope you will give them a try.  For me it is a no-brainer and I will not be going back to pads and tampons.

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  1. Thanks for the info! I've been curious for ages about the Diva Cup but didn't know anyone who had tried it. Thanks!

  2. thanks... I too had been curious and hadn't tried it either because I thought it might be a little messy... cool will order one and try it out too! Cheers.