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Monday, January 31, 2011

For the ladies (and non-squeamish men)...

After I published my post last night I was taking a quick look at msn.ca.  One of the headlines caught my eye with regard to a shortage of o.b. tampons.  I clicked on the link and was treated to a Maclean's article entitled 'The case of the missing tampons'.  Essentially the manufacturer of o.b., which is a division of Johnson & Johnson, has discontinued one type of o.b. tampon.  Somehow this has also resulted in disruptions in the supply of other tampons in the o.b. line, which is causing some tampons to sell at a premium on Ebay, and creating some very upset women.

A quote from Madeleine Shaw, co-owner of Lunapads International Products Ltd., caught my eye as the company is based out of Vancouver, BC.  Lunapads was started in 1993 and they have been producing and distributing Lunapads, a non-disposable menstrual pad, ever since.  Their product line has been expanded to include Lunapanties and the DivaCup.  Both the Lunapads and Lunapanties are manufactured in Vancouver.

I switched to o.b. in my quest to reduce our household waste.  I must admit that although I have often wondered what solution there could be for phasing out the few pads that I still use, I did not take the time to actually search for one.  Another mother at school mentioned the DivaCup to me a few weeks ago, but I had not taken the time to look for it, or research it any further.  I was delighted to stumble upon Lunapads' website last night and find a solution to both pad and tampon waste.

Depending on your perspective there is a certain 'gross factor' involved in either an o.b. tampon, or the DivaCup.  I figure if I can get over the o.b. tampon 'gross factor', which is minor, the DivaCup is just the next step.  All that is left to do is select my kit and fabric, and order.  I will let you know how it goes...

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  1. I have often thought about the Diva cup....you'll have to let me know how your experience is....I can easily be swayed into getting one, but don't know anyone who uses them. As you say, it wouldn't take much to get past the gross factor! I don't think you have to change them all that often either.....